what do you aspire to?

why us?

Built around you

Our coaching is all about you – What do you aspire to? What do you need to progress? What does success mean to you? 

Multi disciplinary

We’ve studied sport science, strength & conditioning, movement skill practice, biomechanics, nutrition, manual therapy… and so much more. We like that the movement world is messy, because somewhere in the chaos is the perfect approach for you!

Comprehensive support

Our coaching goes beyond in-person sessions. We stay in touch via email, video calls, and use online resources to make sure you have the support when you need it.

Teamwork makes the dream work

aps is a collective of 3 passionate coaches. We are constantly exchanging knowledge, debating ideas and challenging each other. Together we can see more, understand more and be better coaches.


“I am now pain free, fit and healthy.”
I had excruciating hip, shoulder and back pain. Because of the pain, I had given up exercise and put on 2 stone… Through the right exercises and stretches I am now pain free, fit and healthy. Ross is the complete package. He advises you on food, sleep patterns, breathing and de-stressing. Ross goes beyond the hour of training and supports you every step of the way, mentally and physically.
Anne + Ross
“I have my confidence and self-belief back”
I had got to a point in my life where something had to change, my lifestyle was terrible – I was extremely unfit and hated the person I was looking at in the mirror… Matt develops challenging routines that are fun and varied using weights, cardio circuits, boxing and many other great routines that I never could of imagined myself doing… he has helped me transition into a complete lifestyle change focusing on my diet, getting enough sleep and managing stress. Over the last year, my body shape has changed and fitness has improved beyond recognition! I have become a healthier, fitter, happier person and what is more, I have my confidence and self-belief back, which I cannot thank Matt enough for!
Emily + Matt
" the best thing I've ever done for my climbing improvement"
Highly recommended! I've done loads of climbing coaching and technique classes with Xian over nearly two years I think and learned so much from her. My technique improved a lot. When I followed her training plan, I saw great improvement in my climbing overall and started getting harder projects. We covered loads of different techniques and aspects of climbing, from footwork, balanced body position and movement principles to route reading and projecting. Rock-overs, heel-hooks, toe-hooks, dynos... she's an expert in everything! Sessions with Xian were the best thing I've ever done for my climbing improvement.
Jana + Xian
"...pain free for the first time in over 15 years!!!"
I’ve suffered with back problems and pains for 15 years… I’d started to believe that this was going to be my lot. 6 months ago it got a lot worse. I was in huge amounts of pain and could barely get out of bed or rollover… From the very start my rehab exercises were tailored towards my injury and my goals… The exercises felt practical, relevant and pain free, giving me the motivation I needed… Ross’s holistic approach made me reassess and improve other aspects too, like food, sleep and rest, which really made a difference…Within weeks I felt the benefits, I was healing physically faster, and could handle more challenging training… I was also surprised at the improvement in my emotional state which really helped me with the recovery. In just a few months with Ross’ help and guidance I have overcome not only my acute injury but also feel stronger and completely pain free for the first time in over 15 years!!!
Hannah + Ross
“I’ve never climbed so strong!”
I came to Ross 6 weeks before a climbing trip to Kalymnos, with a shoulder that hurt and pinched when I lifted my arm above 30 degrees, often called a shoulder impingement and was ready to give up on climbing at all during the trip. Thanks to Ross’s positive attitude, holistic approach and a movement training programme designed specifically for me, I was climbing again within 5 weeks, had an epic trip, and was able to push my onsight grade. He analyses your movement, finds the source of injuries and creates a programme that focusses on weaknesses to align and strengthen the whole body, to solve the injury and make it less likely to reoccur. Even if you’re not currently injured, pay him a visit before an imbalance turns into an injury, I’ve never climbed so strong!”
Selina + Ross
“I beat my personal goal”
I started training with Ross in June 2009 with the goal of running 5km for Cancer Research in 25 minutes in July. The best time I had achieved was 31 minutes. I began training with Ross once a week where we focussed on increasing my fitness, core and importantly for me, motivation. The personal plan he developed was fun, varied, challenging and delivered results in a short time. That isn’t to say I didn’t find it hard but. I beat my personal goal and ran the 5km race in 23.32 mins, and finished in the top 12 places, which I felt, was an amazing achievement. The improvement in my core, fitness, confidence and self belief has grown so much, that I will continue to have sessions regularly to enhance the personal challenges I set. The biggest plus is his enthusiasm and passion which really rubs off on me – I would say my lifestyle has certainly improved since being one of Ross’ clients.
Heather + Ross
“I can sit on the floor and play with my kids for hours with no pain”
I can touch my toes! That hasn’t been possible for years and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Training with Ross has left me fitter than I have ever been, more flexible than I ever imagined and so mentally and physically strong that my performance in every area of my life has improved. I can sit on the floor and play with my kids for hours with no pain, something I either avoided previously or put up with. Can’t ask for more than that.
James + Ross
"I now actually enjoy overhangs"
I've been having sessions with Xian for most of this year and it's been the best decision I've made for my climbing. Xian is a great instructor who's helped me greatly with technique (I now actually enjoy overhangs), my confidence with dynos, some prehab and rehab for some small injuries collected this year and getting into the zone before a hard move. I've read a lot of random climbing books but training with Xian has actually translated the theory into practice and also highlighted ways to be more efficient which I would not have been able to spot myself. Looking forward to preparing for more projects/trips!
Sonia + Xian
"I ticked my first and second f7A plus a handful of 6Cs”
My time climbing was characterised by sore shoulders and a recurrent shoulder impingement type niggle.  This meant weeks off climbing at times and certain moves I would totally avoid due to pain… When I went to see Ross, we looked deeper into my injuries and tested my whole body to discover patterns of weakness and strength. The initial phases were about building solid foundations. The exercises were fun and for the most part could be done at home or down the wall with minimal kit. I could finally train well, we added a tonne of strength, like going from 0 pull ups to doing 4 solid, and as a result, during a recent bouldering trip to Switzerland, I ticked my first and second f7A plus a handful of 6Cs, the hardest grade boulders I’ve ever sent so far.
Gabby + Ross
"allow me to push past my perceived limits"
Having had hip surgery immediately turned previous trainers off working with me, which had quite an impact on my self confidence and outlook on training as a whole. From day 1 I knew working with Matt was going to be different. I straight away felt completely at ease in his presence, his openness and honesty let me know I could put my trust in him 100%. Matt’s patience and encouragement allow me to push past my perceived limits and achieve results I never thought I would get. Within 6 months of working with Matt my balance, flexibility, and hip pain had improved immensely along with managing to lose weight.
Rosemary + Matt
"without doubt is one of the best"
I took my first lesson with Xian in January, over the past five months I’ve seen my climbing massively improve. She’s really attentive and structures the session to my needs. Her attention to detail and the way she breaks down the moves and body positions is very affective and has help me a lot. At the end of each lesson we reflect on what we’ve been over. Xian without doubt is one of the best instructor I’ve ever met.
Ina + Xian
"my very first v3 roof route!"
Xian is an encouraging and supportive coach and teacher. She got me through post-shoulder injury as a Pilates teacher, helping me recognise my weak areas and engage the right areas. Since recovering from my shoulder injury Xian has been coaching me in climbing and I've recently climbed my very first v3 roof route! She holds a wealth of knowledge on climbing technique and makes any problem achievable. I can't recommend her enough! My climbing has improved greatly, my shoulders are engaging in a way that they have never done before, and we have a great time!
Diane + Xian
“I felt strong and enjoyed the extra stamina”
I’ve been a keen skier for decades, but with a niggly lower back and a sore shoulder holding me back not to mention a couple of ACL surgeries from my past… within 6 months I was moving better than in decades previously, feeling looser in my neck and shoulders and continuing to get ever stronger lifting weights I wouldn’t have dreamt of picking up. The ski season was great, I felt strong and enjoyed the extra stamina even, though tentatively, going off piste in heavy snow. Lugging skis around has become so much easier and I’ve got rid of my big clunky knee support and now wear just my foam Velcro strapping!
Jane + Ross
“I'm amazed with the results; my hip joints have been less painful this winter”
I’ve been suffering from arthritis since my mid-30’s and use exercise to avoid it getting worse. I’ve trained with Ross for a year now – the sessions are interesting and he still surprises me with new exercises that challenge me rather than just heavier weights. I’m amazed with the results; my hip joints have been less painful this winter, I’m more relaxed and even found I can sleep better. So in a series of small changes, via stretches, breaking full exercises into smaller movements and just making me aware of the situations we have begun to change these imbalances – over the period it has been an amazing difference to my mobility and pain levels.
Paul + Ross
"really well thought out explanations for climbing technique"
Xian is really positive and encouraging and sessions are always a lot of fun. You can tell she is very passionate about coaching and I feel like she’s really invested in my progress. Her feedback is invaluable and she has really well thought out explanations for climbing technique which are easy to follow. She’s also helped me loads with recovering from various injuries and preventing further ones. I recommend Xian 100% 👍🏻
Andy + Xian
“I’m now pushing through harder climbing moves without worrying”
“My shoulder had been bugging me for some time. It was getting progressively worse the more I was pulling on… It took a few months to really start being strong enough to take on the higher grades I had in mind, but incredibly I noticed improvements in my shoulder by the end of the first month, less pain and feeling way more solid! The added bonus was my achy back, which I had thought was just the way it is, was way less achy too! The best thing is I’m now pushing through harder climbing moves without worrying about my shoulder anymore.…I was blown away at how much variety and more enjoyable training can be.
Caroline + Ross
"injury-free within three months”
Xian is a very good climbing coach. She wrote me a training plan around four years ago when I was recovering from a finger injury. I had taken 18 months off climbing and still hadn't shaken the injury. The training plan led me to be injury-free within three months and I improved a lot as a climber after following Xian's plan. I think this was because: 1. Although Xian isn't a physio, she seemed to be very interested in reading about injuries, so she knew exactly how to rehab a persistent finger injury.
2. Xian watched me climbing for around an hour, and observed things about my climbing which no one had told me about before. She was clearly very analytical and observant. She then addressed my weaknesses in the training plan.
3. She is enthusiastic and friendly, which helps greatly when working with a coach. Overall, I could not recommend Xian more highly!
Patrick + Xian
“my climbing has improved so much”
Xian is an incredible coach! Under her guidance, my climbing has improved so much (from struggling on basic ladder style routes to doing more advanced incline routes). She spend the time initially to learn about my strength, weakness and understand my goals. She then set out a personalised training plan to help me achieve my goals in stages. Xian has taught me many climbing techniques, route reading and body positioning awareness. Furthermore she was able to give me various exercises and climbing games which helps me build strength and improve mobility. Finally Xian is able to support me and help me get over my fear of height during climbing. I thoroughly enjoy Xian’s lessons and I would highly recommend her!
Ellen + Xian
"my shoulders and elbows feel better than ever"
I've suffered with elbow tendinitis and shoulders issues for the past 2 years. Climbing and even everyday tasks like washing my face would be something I dreaded due to the constant fear of pain and not being able to push my grade. After working with Ross to address these issues, I am now climbing pain free! This is all down to Ross's holistic approach, targeting not just my injuries, but their actual root causes. Focusing now on general strength training, my shoulders and elbows feel better than ever. I can try stronger, bigger moves, try harder and not have to worry about the niggling voice in the back of my head holding me back. P.S. The unintended benefit of being able to carry my pad without breaking a sweat or even multiple pads, makes long walks in a breeze!
Justin + Ross