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We may look young ūüėõ¬† but it’s not our first rodeo! We are dedicated and passionate about what we do.


3 perspectives, 3x as many courses done, 3x as much hands-on experience!


Here for you, all under 1 roof. 


Focus areas Strength & Conditioning, Sports Rehab, Pain Management & Injury Rehab, Health & Wellness practices such as Sleep, Nutrition, Hydration, Daily Movement, Stress Management & Mindset.

Interests Helping people get back to doing the things they love & get more from their sport. Anything physical, and especially Jiu-Jitsu/MMA.

Influences The Ready State, Chek Institute, MovNat, Gray Cook, Eric Cressey, TFW, Precision Nutrition, UKSCA

Background Sports Leadership & Management B.A, Advanced Personal Training followed by a wide range of health and fitness qualifications, 14 years coaching, sport since I can remember including Football, Rugby, Boxing, MMA and I’m currently a purple belt in Jiu-Jitsu.


Focus areas Pain Management & Injury Rehab, Sports Therapy, Movement Skill Development, Corrective Exercise, Manual Therapy, Traditional Strength & Conditioning, Programme Design for Athletic Performance, Nutrition, Holistic Health

Interests Everything to do with Shoulders, Climbers & Skiers

Influences Chek Institute, Precision Nutrition, Jared Powell, Greg Lehman & MovNat

Background Sports Science BSc, Sports Therapy and a whole bunch of health and fitness qualifications, 14 years coaching, 10 years climbing, keen outdoor boulderer.


Focus areas Climbing Technique & Movement, Route Reading & Problem Solving, Risk & Fear Management, Returning to Climbing Post-Injury, Mental Preparation & Tactics

Interests Sustainable & lasting progress, Work-life-climbing balance, Finding your own way to climb

Influences¬†Personal climbing, Making mistakes, All of the climbers I’ve met, Singapore climbing scene, The Arch Climbing Wall, Alan Herdman Pilates

Background 16 years climbing, 8 years working in various parts of the climbing industry (including coaching, instructing, route-setting, retail). Climbing achievements include 8A boulder, former Team Singapore (Lead), British Bouldering Championships 2014 Finalist, Asian Youth Speed Climbing 2007 Champion

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